Return and refund policy

In case you are not satisfied with your purchase or the product is damaged or non-conform to the order you made, you have 10 days from the day you received the good to return the products:


Ask for a refund


How to return a product

Return for Registered Users: enter the section “My Returns” from the personal profile My Account, select the order with the items you want to return and enter the reason for returning.


Return for Non-registered Users: enter the dedicated page and type the number of the order and the e-mail address you used for the purchase.


Select the package condition and a disposition among “Change with the same product”, “Refund” and “Coupon for online store”. Enter possible further information and a picture of the product, and then click on the “Send Request” button. In case of refund type your bank details (IBAN), name of the bank and of the owner of the account in the Additional information field.


At the end of the procedure the system will send a confirmation e-mail containing the return form that you have to put in the package, a sheet with the address of our warehouse that you have to print and put outside the package, and the instruction to proceed with the package return.


Put the return form fulfilled into the package together with the product/s that has/have to be returned.

Prepare the package putting the sheet with the address of our warehouse outside the package.


The destination is:

Idesign S.r.l.
Via Laurentina, 289
00142 Rome RM – ITALY



The return of the items to iDesign S.r.l. has to be done without undue delay and, in any case, within 10 days from the day the withdrawal request was sent. The return conditions are respected if the goods have been sent before the due date of the 10 days. Keep the receipt that proofs the good has been sent.

The return operation will take place only after the integrity of the product has been verified, the product shall be returned undamaged, in the original package and with the specific tag.


As an alternative to the online return request, it is possible to send an explicit declaration of the decision of withdrawal to iDesign S.r.l., using the e-mail address, asking the Customer Care for the withdrawal form and then follow the instruction on the return confirmation e-mail to conclude the procedure.

Return for withdrawal

If you do not like the product it is possible, after the return of the product on your charge to iDesign S.r.l., to ask for an order form. The return will be under customer’s responsibility until the package will not be delivered to our warehouse. In any case, no refund, total or partial, will be possible; it is just possible to have the online store coupon to use directly on the site.

Enter the return area and select return for withdrawal, the product condition and as disposition “Coupon for online store”.


Return for wrong, damaged or faulty product

In case of return for Return for wrong, damaged or faulty product, shipping costs are on our charge. In addition to the products value, also the amount for logistical expenses occurred for the order will be refund. We will send a courier at the address you provided at the order time to pick up the good. In case the product is the only one in the order, you will be contacted by our customer service to choose whether to have the refund or a coupon to use in the store with the same value you paid.


Return will be managed within 10 working days from the date of delivery to our warehouse. All payments made for the items returned will be refund, including the shipping costs (additional costs due to the possible choice of a shipping modality different from the less expensive one of standard shipping offer are not included), without undue delay and, in any case, within 14 days from the date our Customer Service receives the request of withdrawal. Those refunds will be made through a bank transfer, unless the Customer asks for a different paying method, in this case possible additional costs due to the different paying modality will be charged on the Customer. Refund can be suspended until the reception of the returning products or until the demonstration by the Customer that the Products have been sent, if previous.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care with any queries.