Where to spend the weekend of April 25?

For a short trip abroad, you can choose one of the most beautiful seaside city in Europe and North Africa. You can fly to Seville for the perfect weather, enjoy the un-crowded Ibiza or focus on more exotic Marrakech.

If you still don’t feel like going to the seaside, why not run away to London or Paris? What better time to visit the most beautiful European capitals?

Cyclists will be able to engage short distances on two wheels in nature: the mountain, for example is the perfect place to get away from the city for a few days. The nature will help you find peace.

On April 25 could also be the perfect time for a weekend in Salento, to taste the traditional delicious cuisine and to discover the nature reserves and beaches. This period is perfect if you would like to enjoy the peace that you will not have the opportunity to find in the summer.