Christmas tree: how to adorn it with style

Colorful lights, glass balls, garlands, candles and the iconic shining star on the top. These and many others are the typical decorations for a happy and festive Christmas tree. If are getting bored about dressing your tree always in the same way, you should change this season and give a new face to your green pine!

For a creative and artistic result you can color your tree arranging the ornaments by color and creating a rainbow effect. Or you can make your tree glamorous and glittery adorning it with all your jewels: necklaces, brooches, bracelets… This will transform a simple green pine into the most precious tree.

Are you fan of any tv series, movies or books? Then choose your favorite one and make a theme tree! For exaple why don’t you create a Christmas pine covering it with the Star Wars characters?

A super revutionary idea? Opt for a shocking pink or an electric blue pine and adorn it with white or golden decorations! Your guests will definitely being gobsmacked!