Barbie. The Icon exhibit in Milan

How many days we spent dressing her and brushing her hair, how many adventures we experienced together when we were just little girls. Yes we’re talking about her, Barbie, the doll that let us dream from the 60's till today.

But when you talk about Barbie, you talk about something more than a simple doll, you talk about a real sytle icon that inspired the most famous fashion designer and continues to be the muse of girls from all over the world through her popular Instagram profile.

Until the 13th of March 2016 you can go and see Barbie. The Icon exhibit at Mudec - Museo delle Culture in Milan. The exhibition has been devided into 5 different sections, the first room contains a suggestive collection of dolls called Who Is Barbie?, with 7 iconic and representative pieces, one for each decade from 1959 till today. Visiting the exhibition you can also discover timelines, fun facts, numbers and the global making of Barbie so that you will instantly know just who Barbie is.