Multimedia Development

SIAMOISES applies on its shirts the augmented reality, a technology where the user’s virtual experience will glean a surreal taste at the boarder between fiction and reality. Due to this technology, the prints on the T-shirts are enriched with sounds as well as 2D and 3D images. All this can be done downloading the APP SIAMOISES (Apple Store for IOS devices and Market Play Store for Android devices) and, pointing the device’s camera at the front print of the T-shirt, it will be possible to enter in a new auditory and graphic world. Focusing the T-shirt from different perspectives, the virtual graphics and the sounds will adjust to the new framing giving the effect of wearing an animated T-shirt. In the APP there are various applications. We will give the opportunity of taking a photo wearing the animated T-shirt and posting it on the most used social networks but moreover, for those who do not have the t-shirt, it will be still possible to enter the “Siamoises” world and virtually become one of the illustrated character of the collection.With the SIAMOISES APP it will be also possible to interact with the whole collection; indeed, by pointing the device’s camera on the backside logo, all the collection graphics will be shown. By using push notifies, the application will keep the user updated on the new real and virtual graphics coming out, before they are put into market.

Download the application

You had never played with your t-shirt before? Now you can, with the Siamoises app for free! Buy the t-shirt, open the app and choose how to play! You can enjoy discovering all the animations by framing the different graphics. You don’t have the t-shirt? You can still play, find the style that fits you best by framing your face and becoming yourself! And don’t forget to share your picture on the social network!